Company History

Company History

Neil Winchester and Jim Pedigo have been practicing law together since 1990. Both attorneys worked for many years as associate attorneys for Alexander P. Smith and Associates. In 2005, Alexander P. Smith retired, and we helped form Harbour Law, PLC. In 2015, Dana S. Power joined Harbour Law.  She has practiced bankruptcy law for over 13 years representing both creditors and debtors in bankruptcy proceedings, debt settlements and financial workouts.

The attorneys at Harbour Law have filed hundreds, if not thousands, of bankruptcy cases. While we have handled some creditor work, we specialize in consumer cases. Our cases have stopped repossession of vehicles and foreclosure of homes. We have created payments under Chapter 13 which have allowed people to pay back mortgage and vehicle arrearages. Other plans have allowed people to pay back taxes and other debts.

We have also stopped wage and bank account garnishment by creditors by filing either Chapter 7 or 13.

Our clients have discharged or eliminated thousands of dollars of debt through these cases. Completion of these cases by discharge has allowed many, many people the opportunity for a financial fresh start.

Years in Business

Harbour Law P.L.C. has been in business for 10 years.


Local: 757-383-8714

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